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Today is the
International Day of Photography
. That’s why today we’ll tell you how a photo or image leads to more clicks to your website. A website visitor decides in 9 seconds whether to continue reading. So it is important that you convince the website visitor of your added value within this time. The trick is not to go too deep into the content area, make sure your homepage is challenging enough to continue reading. No one is waiting for long texts. Therefore, it is important to post short texts and highlight them with a catchy image. It should be fun to visit your website. Is the image not appropriate? Or is the posted text way too long? Then chances are that a website visitor is looking for an alternative website. How to get more clicks to your website? Then read on quickly!

Catchy image

An image says more than 1,000 words and is therefore often the main reason to continue reading. Make sure the image fits the topic and support it with a short challenging text to grab the attention of your target audience. Have you found a catchy image? Of course, you checked that it is royalty-free for commercial use to avoid claims in the future. Many companies choose to create their own graphics/photos because it is often entirely consistent with the company’s corporate identity. Don’t have a creative mood or time to produce images? Then you can use stock photos.

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Short texts

Once you have chosen a catchy image, it is important that you provide it with catchy text. Provide a short catchy introduction when you want to share a blog via social media, for example. No one is waiting for long boring texts. Personally, I personally drop out when I see a page full of text without headers and images. In addition, long text is also unfriendly to read on mobile devices. Use short sentences and make sure the text is easy to read.

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