Using social media for business is how you do it!

Don’t have anything to do for a while? Or do you want to know what your friends are doing? Then we grab our phones to check our social media. The use of social media is almost impossible to imagine our lives without. The number of business accounts on social media also continues to increase every day. Almost every business today is active on social media. This has also increased the question of how they can best use business social media to maximize their reach. In this article, some tips to get you started.


Want to start using social media for business? Then it is important to first think about the target audience you want to reach. Next, determine which social media your target audience is active on. Do you want to appeal to customers ages 18 to 65 in the B2C market? Then it is advisable to create a business page on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Do you want to reach the same customers in the B2B market? Then it makes sense to create a business page on LinkedIn.

Using social media for business starts with making choices!

Wanting to be active on as much social media as possible. That’s where many companies go wrong. The idea is often that this way they are visible in as many places as possible. In practice, it results in not being active enough on social media and actually having less reach than if one had chosen to focus on one or two social media channels. Unless you have an entire marketing team, my advice is to opt for no more than two social media channels. Why? Because it’s important to be conistent when using social media for business. And being consistent is easier than having to maintain a large number of social media.


Have you decided on the social media channels for your business? Then, first and foremost, it is important to ensure uniformity. When formatting social media, use the same color styles and corporate identity on your website. In addition, make a choice about how you want to address the target audience. This could be in the you, you or in a general communication form, for example. Made a choice once? So stick to that.

Using social media for business is how you do it!

Do you really want to be successful with your business on social media? Then don’t talk about yourself too much. Find out what information your target audience needs and try to respond with unique and relevant content. This way, you make it interesting for the target audience to follow your company on social media. One last golden tip for gaining followers on social media? I myself had a goal a year ago to get more followers on the business LinkedIn page. To accomplish that, I am posting a new article here first, two days before the newsletter.

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