About Hans and
his team

Always working on the latest online marketing
tools and growth opportunities.

Trusted by
65+ companies

We make your business visible

Together with strong freelance partners, I provide the very best marketing for your business.

We do this for Dutch companies and recently also internationally for companies from France, England and the United States.

How does it work?

The steps for a successful campaign.


We will look for the persona for your service or product. Then we look at appropriate keywords and build the strategy.



We analyze the website visually and technically. We are making them stronger and ready for the campaigns.



We launch the campaigns and build the real-time marketing dashboard. With that, we steer the outcome.



Success is not something you build alone. By now I am familiar with the power of collaboration. Meet my amazing team of freelancers and companies!

Hans Zoeteman

Online marketer

Advertising campaigns and landing pages with the goal of B2B lead generation.

Wesley Jacobs

Social selling expert

Sales leader with a heart for Social Selling and sales strategies.

Chris van de Berg

Web developer

A developer with a focus on stable and fast websites.

Sharon van Driel

Virtual assistant

An assistant right where you need it as an entrepreneur.

Farah the Spirt

Social media specialist

Focused on all social media channels, she is by far the best in her field.

Darlene van der Zwan

Marketing strategist

If you’re not yet clear on where to start, Darlene lays out your strategy.

Christian Ponjee


Copywriter for websites, landing pages and marketing communications.

Rutger Hoogerwerf

Video creator

From experience in the event industry, they shoot the very best video content.

Walter Hoogerwerf

Designer & social media expert

From logos to complete corporate identity, they bring your business to life. Also on social media.

Do you enjoy growing together?

There are several options for growing together. Some options at a glance.

For a really cool internship assignment.

As partners, we help each other get great assignments.

You want to collaborate and offer services.

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