Discover the secret behind a strong landing page

Discover the ultimate design for your landing page. Increase your conversion rate based on data from more than 40 websites.

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How to build the perfect landing page

In this blueprint, you’ll discover the following:

First steps in the layout

Start your landing page with a strong design that drives conversions.

Smart design and layout tips

Discover the best tips for optimizing your layout and engaging customers.

Psychology of color use

Learn how colors influence your visitors' emotions and decisions.

Conclusion and application

Apply these proven strategies and see immediate results in your conversion.

Why this blueprint?

I was often asked, “How do you design the perfect landing page?” To answer that question, I collected data from 40 different websites.

Clear patterns emerged from this data. I decided to compile these insights into a blueprint for everyone to benefit from.

With this blueprint, I want to help you optimize your landing page and increase your conversions, without complicated hassles.

Hans Zoeteman

Online marketer

Sneak peek into the blueprint

Check out the first 3 pages and get valuable insights for your landing page right away.

What our customers think of the blueprint

Hear from our clients we’ve had the pleasure of helping build the perfect landing page.

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Based on data, only then do you really increase your conversion rate!


Your questions answered

A landing page is a web page designed specifically to convert visitors to leads or customers.

A well-designed landing page increases the likelihood of visitors taking the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

You'll get practical tips and proven strategies to optimize your landing page and increase your conversions.