Converting website visitors to customers

A visitor has found your website. That means (often) that the findability of your website is okay. But then? How do you ensure that visitors return to your website in the future? Or how to convert website visitors into customers? In this blog we would like to tell you through 4 tips how to make this happen.


Make sure it is immediately clear to the website visitor who you are and what problems you can solve. A good marketer knows what the target audience lies awake at night about and here, using catchy SEO texts, gives a brief presentation of the possibilities without going deep into the content. Make use of clear headlines, catchy images and short texts that are inviting enough to continue reading. Use clear buttons to link visitors through to underlying web pages. You can compare the home page of your website to the display window of a store. Here you clearly show what you have to offer to persuade visitors to enter. At the store, they then meet with the owner to learn about their options.


Of course, to ensure that visitors return regularly, it must be worthwhile. Blogs allow you to write periodically on a topic that meets the information needs of your target audience. When you are innovative it makes customers enjoy following you and returning to your website. With blogs, you ensure that visitors return to your website and when the time comes to do business, you will be on their radar. Ultimately, you can use blogs to convert website visitors into customers.

Action buttons

You see it more and more often on Web sites. An action button that moves with you as you scroll down. Why? Because this way you always have the opportunity to click through in an approachable way when you want to know more. Not interested in learning more? Then an action button makes it easy for a website visitor to continue searching for information that does fit the customer need without having to compulsorily read your text first.

Contact form

Once a customer has landed on your website, it should always be clear how a visitor can get in touch with you. For example, end each page with a clear statement of your contact information. Should a visitor spend too long searching for contact information, chances are that he/she will still leave despite his/her interest. Sin!