Finding keywords for your blogs, that’s how you do it!

A blog is ideal for staying in touch with customers and prospects. It is also a way to demonstrate to your target audience that you are an authority in your field. But to reach the target audience with a blog, it is very important that you use the right keywords. The big advantage of this is that in addition to reaching the target audience, you also work on the organic findability (SEO) of the website. Finding the right keywords for your blogs can be a daunting task. In this article, some tips on finding the right keywords to reach your target audience!

Finding keywords for your blogs, that’s how you do it!

Focusing on the right keywords in your blogs is always good. However, the advice is to use them naturally. It doesn’t read pleasantly, and stuffing your blog with keywords often doesn’t make sense to rank higher in Google either. You also write for the target audience right? For a 400-500-word blog, it is enough if the search term is used about 3 times in an article. Now that I’ve shared the most important tip with you, it’s time for tips on finding the right search terms for your blogs.

Practical Tips

Before you start using tools to find the right keywords for your blogs, my advice is to schedule a brainstorming session. Discuss with each other what content the target audience might need and think of possible search terms they are searching for. Then you can enter these search terms into Google’s keyword planner. For this, you can also use various websites, for example, Ubersuggest. These tools provide insight into search volume, alternative search terms, competition and cost per click when advertising.

Many companies make the mistake of choosing a search term with the highest search volume. My advice is to look at competition in addition to search volume. It often pays to choose a search term with a lower search volume. On this, you often have less competition and thus a greater chance that the article will rank higher in Google. Once a few articles are high in Google? Only then can search terms with a high search volume and competition rate lead to larger numbers of visitors to the website.

Need help?

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