Getting SEO results takes time

You enthusiastically started SEO marketing to make your business more findable online in Google. After three months, you still haven’t achieved the results you had hoped for beforehand. As a result, you spend less time on SEO. Have you reached that moment, too? Then it is important to persevere. The reward for all your work in Google takes time, at least a year! Wondering what that’s like? Then read on quickly!

What is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is optimizing your website for online search engines. The goal of SEO marketing is to achieve organic positions at the top of Google. To rank higher in Google, more than 200 factors determine your website’s place in Google. The most important factors are the speed of your website, posting relevant content (SEO proof), the number of backlinks from other websites and whether your own website has a responsive design. By the latter, we mean that your website is readable on all types of devices.

Long-term results

Where are the results? It is a question clients often ask when we have just started. With SEO marketing, there is no guarantee of success, but generally the first results are not apparent until after a period of 3-6 months. Sometimes getting results takes even longer.

How so? Because Google needs to process your changes, your content still needs to be picked up by the target audience and when your content is picked up it will eventually lead to receiving backlinks on other sites.

Why bet on SEO marketing?

To get on the radar of customers online, you have two options. You can choose to place paid ads in Google (SEA) or invest in search engine optimization (SEO). The advantage of SEA is that after rigging a campaign, you can expect visitors to your website immediately. The disadvantage, however, is that when you stop a campaign, the number of visitors will also decrease immediately. With SEO marketing, it takes longer for visitors to arrive at your website. Does a blog on your website rank highly in Google? Then this blog will continue to generate visitors in the future without any extra effort on your part. However, it is advisable to update a blog from time to time. This is good for maintaining a position or further rise in Google’s rankings.

Need help?

Want to learn more about SEO marketing and the possibilities for your business? Then visit our blog page or schedule a free consultation with us. Do you have a suggestion for a new blog? We are happy to do research for you and then summarize that in a new article on the website. Building high organic in the top of Google with your business together? We are ready for it!