A slow website costs customers!

Today is May 23, the
day of the turtle
! Everyone knows the slow little creature. Fun to watch, it all doesn’t move very fast and this eventually makes it boring to watch. Some companies have a slow website. A website that is as slow as a turtle and therefore boring for website visitors. Loading an article takes longer than your visit to the restroom (do you ever read content while visiting the restroom?). A toilet visit takes minutes rather than hours, which is why you want fast loading time from the website you are visiting. What you can do to prevent a slow website? See the tips below!

Hosting affects a slow website

Many companies put a lot of money into designing a sleek template that fits the company. Then, to keep costs down, people choose a standard hosting package to keep the website online. The result: a slow website! If your sleek template doesn’t show up fast enough, you’ve lost the visitor before they’ve even seen it. A shame because that way your sleek template is still expensive! So don’t choose the first provider to host your website. Need help making a choice? Nerox will gladly provide you with a completely free consultation that fits the size and purpose of your website.

Extensive (JAVA) scripts

We encounter it very often. A website uses overly large JAVA scripts and, as a result, your website’s loading time takes as long as the time it takes a turtle to travel 400 meters. Provide compact JAVA scripts that are loaded in just a fraction of a second. This tip may be a little too technical for you, if you need a more detailed explanation please contact Nerox.

Small images

Look at the back end of your website. How large are the images you use? The larger the image used, the longer the loading time is of your website. Images are very important to make your website attractive to website visitors. When you use images that are too large it affects the load time and a visitor is likely to leave because the wait time is too long.

More information?

Want to know more about your website’s performance? Then run the
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