Content marketing doesn’t have to take a lot of time

Meanwhile, summer vacation has started in the Netherlands. This period is mainly used to recharge the battery all over again. No meetings, tight deadlines and other things for a while. But just unwind. Not surprisingly, many companies temporarily give less priority to content marketing during the vacation season. Heartbreak! Why? Because it is precisely during this period that people have time to listen to your story. Do you know how to hit your prospects and customers during the summer vacations with good content? Then that could just make sure you get off to a flying start after the vacation break. Therefore, in this blog I’m going to give you some tips on how you can share content while you’re away without really straining yourself.

Working ahead is a must in content marketing

Consistent and consistent content sharing is important to be found by customers. Don’t share content for a while? Then very soon people will have forgotten about you. That’s why content marketing requires you to work ahead. No time or other priorities for a while? Then at least you have something on the shelf to share.

Write some killer blogs in advance and decide in advance when you want to publish them. Most websites have the ability to pre-set this. It is also possible to pre-schedule a newsletter to be sent during your absence. Of course, don’t forget to include the contact information of your colleague staying at home to respond to comments and any questions, for example. Really no time to write blogs before you leave? Then get your content written by me!

Make use of software in content marketing

During your vacation, it is important that content sharing on social media continue as usual. Just look around you when you are on the beach. Almost everyone is on the beach with an overheated iPhone, Facebooking and Instagramming. Don’t share content for several weeks? Then people will forget about you very quickly! In addition, the vacation season is great for getting on the radar of your target audience. There he is again…. So plan in advance!

Want to schedule your posts on social media in advance? Then use software to plan ahead, for example. Examples of software solutions include Hootsuite (free) and the Dutch company Coosto. In addition, ask colleagues to periodically monitor social media channels to stay in touch with followers.

Choose light-hearted themes

Most likely, your clients and prospects are also enjoying a well-deserved vacation. To be successful with content marketing, it is important to choose light-hearted themes during the vacation season. Of course, the content must be interressing enough to ensure that people think of you again after the vacation season. But at least make sure the content you publish is not too difficult to read.

In my experience, sharing short (informative) blog posts or a fun catch-up lead to the best results during vacation time. This information is easy to digest and chances are that people will grab this blog again when they return home to work with your tips.


When you’re not busy with work, chances are you suddenly have inspiration for content creation. Don’t immediately flip open your laptop to respond to this. After all, you’re on vacation right! My advice is to make a note on your phone at such a time. In this way, you immediately clear your head because it doesn’t have to remember. This way you can really take a break from work and enjoy it to the fullest!

Happy vacations!

Hereby I would like to wish you (in advance) a very happy vacation season. Hopefully the above tips are going to help you really relax during the vacations. During your vacation, be the first to read my tips on content marketing? Then sign up for my monthly newsletter using the contact form below. Prefer not to receive a newsletter? Then follow us on LinkedIn, or Instagram (@Contentbaas).

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Thanks again for reading and see you soon!