Creating a LinkedIn company page is pointless

Creating a LinkedIn company page makes absolutely no sense to me. This is what someone, active in the business market said to me the other day. I must confess that I had this thought myself for a time. As a sole proprietor, why should I create a complete business page on LinkedIn? Surely a personal profile is sufficient? I decided to educate myself on the differences between a personal and business page. And after reading several articles, I was convinced of the added value. I made the decision to create a LinkedIn company page. Why I made that decision? Then read on quickly!

Algorithm LinkedIn

The algortime for a business page works differently than for a personal page. On a personal page, posts with only plain text tend to have a greater reach than texts with a matching image. Also, including outbound web links in your posts on a personal page usually do not work in your favor to reach a large group of people. Do you post a message with a matching image on your LinkedIn company page? Then LinkedIn prioritizes your post over plain text-only posts on other company pages. Include outbound links to an article on your website in the posts on your business page? No worries! With these types of posts, the reach on your company page is not slowed down by LinkedIn’s algorithm.

I’m going to create a LinkedIn business page!

I’m sure there will be more differences. But the above information was enough for me. I wanted to create a LinkedIn business page as soon as possible! What I did next to promote this page to my target audience? To this question I will give you an honest answer, far too little. In fact, I was far too busy writing SEO texts for clients. I hear you thinking…… So what are SEO texts? Want to know more about this and curious how you can write SEO texts yourself? Then I would like to refer you to the blog: What are SEO texts and how do I write them? Start working on this as well. The content you write is fun to share on your business page. Without content, creating that business page has no added value.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Relative to a personal page, it is also possible to advertise on a business page for a fee. Useful for giving that killer blog just that extra push for even greater reach. Whether I advertise on LinkedIn myself? At the time of writing, no.

Whether I can give you tips on advertising on LinkedIn? It’s good to know that as a content specialist and copywriter, I prefer not to concern myself with that. For things like that, my colleague Hans is happy to help you. Why? So that I can go out and research nicely to write a new blog for you.

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