Findable blogs to rank higher in Google

One way to get higher in Google is to bet on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With SEO, you invest in improving (unpaid) organic search results. More and more companies are starting blogging for this reason to increase the company’s online visibility. Besides ranking higher in Google, blogging is also a way to stay in touch with customers. Do you also want to start blogging? Then you must be wondering how your findable blogs are found in Google. Want to know more? Then spare 2 minutes of your time to read this article.

Establish topic

What should I write about? It is important to find out the information needs of your target audience before you start writing that killer blog. To determine the theme of your blog, for example, you can have a conversation with the sales department. Ask what topics they think are worth writing about. Not quite convinced yet? Then call some customers and ask if there is a real need for answers on the mentioned topic. The right topic is the first step to findable blogs

Matching title to target audience search behavior

The title of a blog is tailored to the search behavior of the target audience. A good SEO title starts with the most important keyword you want to be found with. A catchy title to your blog is just as valuable as the written text. It ensures that the target audience clicks on the title of your blog to read it. No clicks in Google? No readers for your blog and then all the effort is for nothing.

Higher ranking in Google? Perform a thorough keyword analysis!

Once you have established the topic, it is important to figure out the right keywords. With a keyword analysis, find out the terms your target audience is searching for. In most cases, the target audience searches for 2-3 keywords. Therefore, choose 1 search term, supplemented by 2-3 search terms that are in line with it. For example, findable blogs in Google. Conducting a keyword analysis can be done by yourself with a Google account or outsourced to an online marketing agency. Found the right combination of keywords?

Suitable combination of keywords

A common mistake is for companies to choose the combination with the highest search volume. We strongly advise against this. Why? Because your competitors are probably using these keywords too, and we can’t all be at the top of Google with the same keywords. It is often better to choose a combination of keywords with lower search volume. This is how you stand out from your competitors.

Processing keywords

Once you have figured out what the target audience searches for, you can apply these words to your blog. For example, don’t forget to include your keywords in the URL, blog title, subheads, text and meta description. However, it is important that you subtly incorporate your chosen keywords into your blog. Findable blog appeal to your target audience, not Google!

Findable blogs are easy to read

A findable blog in Google is easy to read for the target audience. You can use various difficult technical terms, but the chances of readers dropping out are high. A blog that is easy to read will make visitors stay on your website longer. Does a visitor spend an extended time on your website? This also has a positive effect on your ranking in Google. Do you have a WordPress website? Then
Yoast’s plugin
is a handy tool to test the readability of your blog.

Use images

A blog becomes extra fun to read when you use matching image(s). A good image also entices the target audience to click through. It works best to use unique images. For example, a photo you took yourself to add a personal touch to the blog. Don’t have time for this? Then you can search for stock photos, for example, on the website of
. These images are free and free for commercial use.

Knowledge has value only when you can share it!

Has anyone read your blog? Then it should be easy for readers to share your blog and spread it further with others. Provide clear buttons to share the blog via social media. This is how you ensure that your blog spreads further in the world of online. More readers? You guessed it, a higher ranking in Google!

Blogging yourself or outsourcing?

Are you convinced that writing findable blogs is the way to rank higher in Google? Then we hope the above tips are going to help you rank higher in Google. Are you not a writer or don’t have time for this? Then you can choose to outsource this to us by
contacting Nerox
. During an introductory meeting, we can advise you on the right keywords for your chosen topic. Do you want to be like
our customers
Be found in Google? If so, we would love to hear from you!