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We are all familiar with the term social selling by now. Through social media channels, free knowledge is shared to plant online seeds in the minds of prospects. Sharing online marketing tips on a frequent basis keeps companies top-of-mind with customers. But how free are these online marketing tips really? Nothing comes for free. Even that’s not true, in fact, it will cost you a day.????

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Every day we see free e-books, white papers and participation in webinars come up. We all like to take advantage of this to grow our business. But have you ever asked yourself to what extent these tips are really free? Usually you get the promised marketing tips only after providing an e-mail address, for example. The result? An overflowing inbox of newsletters. Obtaining an e-mail address is the first step in the process of eventually doing business with customers. The information sent to you is often minimal. Want to know more about the topic? Then it is often abundantly clear how to get in touch with the company.

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Several platforms share free online marketing tips on a frequent basis to stay afloat. Platforms such as Frankwatching and Marketingfacts allow marketers to post content to spread their knowledge online. Using free online marketing tips, these platforms attract visitors to the website. Next one uses
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to analyze (anonymously) the behavior of visitors on the website. What content is read well? At what times does the target audience search for information? And through which (mobile) devices do people search for free online marketing tips? These are just a few examples of information gathered when you read the free tips.

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We can all use help from time to time to grow the business. Free online marketing tips abound. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already achieved successes? Of course, you should not just get something from customers, but also give something away from time to time. Free tips are not always free; after all, we all need to make money!

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