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Probably one of the first activities was (having) a website built when you started your business. Full of pride, you published the website and nothing to complain about visitors in the first few weeks. How many of these visitors arrived at your website through Google? Right, probably it was mostly existing customers, family and some friends. Getting higher in Google requires more than a sleek template. More visitors to your website leads to more leads. More leads generally lead to more customers, and you need more customers to grow. Many websites could use some tweaking in terms of SEO. Are you curious about your website’s areas of improvement? Then have Nerox perform a free SEO check.

What do we look at when performing the check?

At Nerox’s free SEO check, we will analyze your website for a number of key points. Are you using the right keywords? Which images now cause slow loading speed? We will also look at the usability of your website. Visitors are increasingly searching for information online via a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, it is important that your website automatically adjusts from the screen size of visitors.

After performing the free SEO check, you will receive a comprehensive report from Nerox containing a number of immediate areas for improvement. You can implement these areas of improvement yourself. Should you need help, you can of course send us a message for additional clarification without obligation. We have years of experience in SEO and have made many a business visible to its target audience in Google. Whatever areas of improvement emerge from the SEO check, we have enough knowledge to address all of them.

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Want more visitors to your website? A higher ranking in Google? Then let’s build your website’s online visibility together. All you have to do is leave your details on this page. Of course, you want to get started as soon as possible to get more visitors to your website. Therefore, we strive to perform the SEO check for you within 24 hours and send the report with immediate areas for improvement. Directly to the slaG, Then you can
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