Free SEO tips, how useful are they really?

(Having) your website built had probably been one of the first things when you started your business. With today’s tools, building a website is not that difficult anymore. It is even possible to maintain it all by yourself. In the end, it’s all about a findable website. That sleek template with beautiful image can be so cool, but when it is not found in search engines, it is nothing more than a digital business card. A shame because business is really up for grabs in this day and age, all you have to do is be findable. Many marketing agencies are happy to give you a hand by offering free SEO tips. But the question is, how useful are they really? Curious? Then quickly read on about what you need to think about before taking advantage of free SEO tips.

All the same trick with free SEO tips

Also on behalf of Nerox, we are happy to provide our clients with free SEO tips. Of course, we always try to tailor our tips to our clients’ objective(s). We want to prevent our customers from doing the same trick. You get the best results with SEO when you do it all just a little differently. Using all those free SEO tips can also lead to negative results. We can’t all be at the top of search engines, which is why an average of six Google algorithm changes take place every day.

Stand out from competition

Of course, not all free SEO tips are necessarily bad. But when you really want results, we advise you to be distinctive from your competitors. By being distinctive, you are not a follower of the rest, but are one step ahead of the competition. Don’t want to follow your competitors but always be one step ahead of them? Be found first in search engines? If so, please
us for a strategic SEO consultation. Of course, the introductory meeting and a good cup of coffee is absolutely free! The tips? Of course, we won’t reveal those until we understand your (online) goals.

See you soon!