Higher ranking in Google? That takes time!

Getting higher in Google requires more than a sleek website, which takes time. There are two different ways to be visible higher in Google. You can invest in paid advertising (Google Ads) or search engine optimization. (SEO) If you opt for SEO, realize that it may take several months to get your website moving. How to get your website to rank higher in Google. Then read on quickly!

Keyword Analysis

To attract more visitors to your website, it is important to know what your target audience is searching for. In most cases, visitors search on a combination of 2-3 keywords. You can use Google Trends for this, for example, to capitalize on temporarily popular searches. Once you have found the right combination, it is important that you keep evaluating to make sure there is still search traffic on your keyword.

One month the keyword combination may be popular in Google and the next month the target audience searches for a variant. So it is important that you are constantly engaged with the target audience’s search behavior. Are you curious about the search behavior of your target audience and want to have it mapped out?
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Higher ranking in Google? Start with the basic SEO elements

Getting higher in Google requires more than finding out the search behavior of your target audience. Are you using optimized meta titles and meta descriptions? Have you used internal links to point visitors to other relevant content? This makes for a higher ranking in Google because it means visitors spend more time on your website. Also, don’t forget the external links to other websites with similar information. It is not bad at all to refer to other websites, think of it as confirmation of your story.

In some cases, you can give these links a also a “nofollow” attribute so you don’t lose value in Google with the external link. You also have the sponsored and ugc version of this, should you want to go into depth here.
read what Google says about these other link attributes.

Don’t forget your target audience!

A unique story works best to achieve higher rankings in Google. The more often someone visits your website, the better it is rated by Google. But page visits alone are not enough for Google. The most important thing to the Google robot indexing your website is what is known as engagement. How long does a visitor remain active on your website and what is the abandonment rate.

It is important for your “engagement” that you tailor your story to the target audience. Write content that answers a particular issue the visitor is looking for. Like this blog 😉

Answer questions and don’t get too deep into what you could do for them. When you give the target audience answers to questions they will naturally contact you for more information. Of course, it is important to think about how you are going to spread your story. You can do this through a newsletter, a display banner or one of those brilliant LinkedIn posts.

It is always advisable to create a blog page so that you can move potential visitors to your website. In addition, you are directly doing your website ranking a favor by adding a blog to your website.

Yes, I want a higher ranking in Google!

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