Increase Online Marketing regularly with target audience

You’ve been doing business successfully for several years but it’s time to work on the company’s online Marketing. You have a nice website and several social media channels. Despite the use of various platforms, you have no idea what you are accomplishing by doing so. What is it about that Facebook page now? Who do I reach through LinkedIn? Why isn’t the number of followers on Instagram really increasing anymore? These are some examples of customer questions asked of us. Want to know more about how to increase your company’s online Marketing? Then read on quickly!

Growing online marketing starts with focus

Many companies open various accounts on social media without first thinking about a good strategy. It’s important that you first think about what audience you want to reach. Next, it’s important to figure out what platforms your target audience is active on. It makes no sense to haphazardly open different accounts on social media. LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent platform for business to business. Do you sell products to consumers online? Then an account on LinkedIn has little value.

Back to basics

During client interviews, we frequently hear that people want to go back to basics. What is that foundation? You once started on the road to online success without thinking about the final destination. Have you made a choice to focus on different social media platforms? Then it’s important to think about an appropriate (content) strategy for each platform.

Content Strategy

That blog page on the website has been created and the first blog posts have been distributed through newsletters and the social media channels. In the first few months, one blog post after another appears. But slowly the inspiration diminished and the follow-up became less and less. Make sure you are consistent with distributing content. Don’t share posts on a whim just to stay in touch with customers and prospects. Think about topics to play on the target audience’s information needs and create a quarterly content calendar as a guide. Finally, it is important to consider which channel per message is most appropriate for sharing content.

To measure is to know

You can start advertising on Facebook or enthusiastically commit to SEA. However, it is important to think about your online marketing goals beforehand. What and who do you want to reach online in the short- and long-term? What budget do you need for that? And in addition, it is important how you will measure whether the previously established results have been achieved.

Tips on increasing online visibility

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Rome wasn’t built in a day either

Like Rome, the online visibility of your website is also not achieved in a day. It takes time to reach the target audience to then hold their attention. The end goal, of course, is for the target audience to spread your messages further on the Internet. It makes no sense to spend two months on SEA or SEO.

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