More visitors to your website? This is how you do it!

Almost every business today has a website. Pretty logical when you consider today’s tooling and freelancers delivering website after website. Having a website (built) is not difficult these days. The question, however, is how do you get monthly visitors to your website? Many companies made no effort to maintain the website after it was launched. The website serves as a digital business card, a shame because with a good website you can make money! More visitors to your website? Then quickly read the tips below for more visitors to your website!

Be clear

It is important for a visitor to know within seconds what you have to offer and why the customer should choose you. It is tempting to tell as much as possible, but this quickly makes it cluttered. So keep it short, be clear and prevent customers from leaving for another website.

Make sure visitors enjoy returning to your website more often. A visitor who returns regularly is more likely to think of you when the time comes to do business with you. When you want new visitors to your website every month, you obviously need to maintain it. You don’t go shopping in a clothing store where the assortment has been the same for years, do you? Of course not! Updating your website regularly makes it attractive for customers to visit and share your website with others.

Responsive design

Responsive design ensures that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Customers today are often the first to look for information via a smartphone on tablet. In addition to being customer-friendly, a responsive website is rewarded by Google with a higher ranking than a non-responsive website.

SEO search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing to make your website rank high in search engines.

To get this done, it is important to consider the following components:

  • Use keywords too correctly (perform keyword analysis first)
  • Include keywords in the title, meta description and URL
  • A widely used tool to rank better on search engines is the Yoast plugin.

Unique content

Share unique content regularly on your website to keep visitors coming back regularly. This keeps you top of mind, and when the time comes to do business, customers are more likely to contact you. In addition, you can share the posted content through online channels to entice new customers to visit your website. Active within the B2B market? Then it is advisable to create a company page on LinkedIn. Already created this page but failing to get followers? Then read the blog More followers on LinkedIn company page, here’s how to do it!

Make use of images. Why? An image often invites further reading. Just remember to keep these images as small as possible, as nothing is more irritating than a long load time. If a customer has to wait too long, chances are the customer will leave.

More tips?

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