Perfect homepage, 3 tips

Your website’s home page is the first page visitors see when they land on your website. Once a visitor has found their way to your website, you only have 10 seconds to hold their attention. Therefore, it is important that you have a perfect homepage to encourage visitors to take action. Today is unveiling day and that’s why Nerox is giving 3 free tips for the perfect homepage.

The perfect homepage banner

When a visitor lands on your website, the homepage banner is the first thing a visitor sees. Provide a perfect homepage banner that invites further reading. You can choose a picture of your business premises here, but it is better to choose an image corresponding to your services. Now, of course, you want to know why we chose to depict a train on Nerox’s homepage? We chose this to indicate that the world of online is also always changing.

Brief descriptions of your services

To hold visitors’ attention on your website, it is important that they see what you have to offer with minimal scrolling. Use short catchy SEO texts that invite further reading. The perfect homepage contains short pieces of text accompanied by a clear button to click through for more information. In addition, it is fun to use matching images for even more reading pleasure.

List contact information

On your homepage, clearly indicate how visitors can contact you. You can do this by including a contact form at the bottom of your page, or including it in the main menu. When visitors land on your website, you naturally want them to contact you to do something for him/her.

Need help creating the perfect homepage?

Is your website in need of renewal or do you need help building the perfect homepage? Then take a look at

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for an overview of services Nerox has to offer. Once you have the perfect homepage? Then, of course, you want to be found to answer the information needs of your target audience. To rank higher in Google, many companies do content marketing. Want to know more about content marketing? Or what it provides? Then it is recommended that you read this blog.