Reasons to advertise in Google

Reason number one. When you advertise in Google, you are seen by your ideal customers who have already searched for what you sell.

Reason number two. With fast results with Google AdWords campaigns, you can have a quick presence and receive clicks quickly.

Reason three. Increase your sales by advertising in Google. This is because you only pay for your campaigns when your ads are clicked. This is because when people search for information about your product and/or service, they see your ad first.

Reason four. Increase the visibility of your website. The more exposure your ads have, the more likely people are to click on them. Google also offers great tools to help you increase the visibility of your ads.

Reason five. Direct traffic to your site. When people search for your products or services, they will usually find you through links placed in your Google ads. This increases the chances that your potential customers will click on the links and visit your site. This increases your chances of selling.

Reason six. Increase position in your search results Because of the way Google classifies its AdWords campaigns, it may target certain keywords that are less competitive. For example, if your target keywords are “Dentist in Rotterdam,” you can target “Dentist” as your keywords for your Google ad campaign within a certain region. This means your ads will appear closer to the top of search results.

Reason Seven. Because you can target specific keywords for your ads, you can also target your ads based on how your audience responds to those keywords. For example, if your ad is aimed at a group of people looking for a cosmetic dentist in Rotterdam, you can probably assume that they are interested in learning more about the services you offer at the office, so you can make the appropriate changes to your ad to emphasize the quality of your service.

Reason eight. You can target your Google ads based on the content of your website. Many webmasters use AdSense to place targeted text ads and image ads on their sites. If you have published targeted content that is related to your target audience, you can advertise with more authority.

Reason nine. Although it costs you less than using the more popular search network, Google offers more flexibility in targeting your ads. You can choose which ad networks to advertise with, including: Google, Youtube, Network sites. You can also target individual countries and regions.

Reason ten. The search network allows you to make bid adjustments up to and during ad launch. Because you bid at the beginning of your campaign, you can quickly make changes to your campaigns and make your campaign more effective.