Score with online marketing during summer vacation

On July 1, summer vacation started in the southern part of the country. Other parts of the country, meanwhile, also have vacations or will follow in the coming weeks. Perhaps you yourself will be going on vacation soon? Or do you have no vacation plans and have doubts about how to use online marketing during the summer vacations? If the latter is the case, we would like to ask you to take a moment to read the tips below.

#1 Competition puts online marketing on hold

Many companies choose to put online marketing on hold during the summer vacation. This presents incredible opportunities for the homebound. Why? Consider, for example, buying online ads. You have less competition-and thus you pay less per click!

We hear you thinking – but it’s a lot quieter online during the summer vacations, right? Not so! Perhaps we are more often active online during our time than when we are at work. We all look to see if we have a wifi connection at the vacation destination. Not? Then chances are you are using your internet bundle that you can use throughout the EU these days. In addition, we all keep an eye on the vacation snaps of family and friends. This of course provides opportunities to show your ads in between to work on brand awareness for your business.

In short, maximum reach at lower cost! With the saved budget, for example, you can invest extra in Friday afternoon drinks with other peers who do not celebrate a vacation.

#2 Responsive website

Yes indeed – we have mentioned it before – but a responsive website should be the new standard. During the vacation season, we see a huge increase in search behavior via mobile devices. We all leave the laptop at home and all switch to a cell phone or tablet. A responsive website is not only friendly to your visitors, but it also ensures a higher ranking in Google! Do you already have a responsive website? If the answer is no, you can use Nerox’s contact form to request
a free summer check of your website
request. You will receive an advisory report from us within 24 hours with any areas for improvement. You can pick up these areas of improvement during the vacation season to pop your website during the next vacation season.

#3 Don’t forget to respond to followers

You can automatically schedule blogs for publication during your absence and there are several tools available to schedule content in advance to post to social media channels, a well-known tool is for example
. All nice and well, but when your followers make the effort to respond during the vacation season, it is of course neat to respond. So don’t forget to ask that one dear colleague-who also has to walk the office dog-to respond to messages from your loyal followers during a walk.

Want to score with online marketing during the summer vacations? Then contact us to see where real summer opportunities lie for your website.