SEA or SEO? What should I invest in?

The abbreviation SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and SEO for Search Engine Optimization. At the initial introductory meeting, we increasingly get asked what is better. Are you also struggling with this question of increasing your online visibility? Nerox always advises its customers to invest in both. Why? Then read on quickly.

Difference between SEA and SEO

When you pronounce it quickly, both terms are very similar. They are both techniques to ultimately rank higher in Google. Are you betting on SEA? Then you bet on paid search results. Do you choose SEO? Then invest in improving (unpaid) organic search results.

Below is a summary of the main differences

  • A higher ranking in Google with SEO can sometimes take months, SEA ads are visible immediately;
  • With SEA you get more insight into the keywords used by visitors, with SEO this is less insightful;
  • Paid search results (SEA) are usually placed above the page in Google;
  • The result of SEO is more difficult to measure, with SEA you can see immediately what a campaign has cost and the conversion delivered;

Investing in SEA is the best choice…..

We often hear this from our clients when we explain the differences between SEA and SEO to our clients. Still, it is wise to opt for both techniques to rank higher in Google. The difference between (un)paid ads is becoming less and less visible. But a paid ad is still flagged. Sometimes a paid ad is reason for a visitor not to click further.

You can think of investing in SEO as a long-term investment. The results obtained with SEO are permanent, while with SEA they are not. When you discontinue a paid ad (SEA), your website is no longer visible in Google. Will you be found once with SEO? Then click and clicks will be free in the future. This is the reason why companies are betting on SEO in addition to SEA, which, by the way, does not have to cost much. As an entrepreneur, do you do it all by yourself? Then the investment in SEO only takes some time and effort. Of course the investment time comes with a cost, these are hours you can’t use for doing business. Do you have a WordPress website and want to get started with SEO? Download
Yoast’s (free) plugin
to test your content for readability, among other things.

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