Search engine marketing for beginners

Ever heard of search engine marketing? Less than a year ago, I had no idea where to start. All I wanted was to be visible to the target audience. As an all-round copywriter, I conjure a catchy text from my digital pen within 10 minutes. But how do I get prospects outside my network to visit my website. Should I bet on SEO, SEA or opt for the combination? Want to know more about my first steps in search engine marketing? If so, I would like to invite you to read on.

Paid search engine marketing (SEA)

You’ve probably heard of the terms SEO and SEA. If you pronounce it quickly, both terms look similar, but which of the two is best to choose to be immediately visible. The fastest way to get immediate visibility is to invest in paid advertising (SEA) in search engines like Google. When you know how to set up an SEA campaign properly, Google shows your ad at the top of the search results. Need help setting up a well-run SEA campaign? Or would you like to know more about ROI of an already running campaign? If so, please contact us.

Organic reach (SEO)

Do you now have a well-run SEA campaign? Great then the time has come to start working on your website’s organic reach. A higher ranking in Google through SEO? Then realize to yourself very well that this is a road of the long haul. Can you have the patience and are determined to bring your website structurally to the top of Google? Then I would ask you to read previous blogs of mine on my blog page. You can access these articles by clicking on the links to the articles SEO tips for 2020 to rank in Google & What are SEO texts and how do I write them? Besides tips and tricks, in these articles I also mention some (free) tools to optimize your own texts for search engines.


Want to be directly visible to your target audience? Then my advice is to engage in paid advertising(SEA) in Google, for example. Do you make the decision to end an SEA campaign in the future? Then realize that Google no longer shows your ad at the top of search results. For this reason, in addition to SEA, it is a good idea to bet on SEO from the beginning for the organic reach of your website. Unlike SEA, SEO does not have to cost money if you have an aptitude for writing in general yourself. It just takes time to write these texts yourself.

My online marketing strategy

Personally, I have chosen to be visible to my target audience in the long run and thus put full effort into SEO. Why? Because I believe that as a content specialist and copywriter, I need to be well found to show my clients that it really is possible. Meanwhile, I see a monthly increase of new users visiting my website. So my efforts over the past year are appreciated by my target audience and Google.

Help me with search engine marketing!

Need help with content writing? Or spar about a content strategy that fits your business? If so, please contact me using the contact form below. After reading this blog, will you manage to get started with search engine marketing yourself? Then I wish you good luck! Finally, I would like to ask you to share this blog via the share button.

Thanks for reading.