SEO; Address your target audience, not Google!

You have a sleek website, lots of visitors but you don’t get much revenue it from the Internet. Recognizable? After a comprehensive keyword analysis, you enthusiastically set to work optimizing your website. You crammed as many keywords as possible into your web copy without really addressing your target audience. Your website is visible in Google but that’s about it. Recognizable? Make sure your catchy SEO web copy appeals to your target audience, not Google!

Customer is King (also at Nerox ????)

You get appreciation with your website from visitors when you respond to the information needs of your target audience. Of course you should incorporate keywords into your text, but do so naturally. When your visitors land on your website, it should be fun to continue reading. SEO is important, but always think about your target audience first. How to get found as much as possible on selected keywords? Write several blogs and incorporate your keywords in them in a subtle way. It is also important when coming up with a title that you appeal to your target audience. Fail to include the keyword in the title one time? Then it’s better to choose to omit it.

SEO keyword analysis

To rank higher in Google, it is important to know what keywords your visitors are searching for. You can stick to your own thoughts, but get into the skin of your target audience in this area as well. Have you ever asked clients what keywords they search on when it comes to SEO? If you have to answer this, it might be a good idea to start with this.

After all, you get a higher ranking in Google, among other things, when the target audience reads your texts and shares them with others. Do visitors click away immediately after entering your website? Then this also negatively affects your ranking in Google. Want to perform a keyword analysis tailored to your target audience’s search behavior? Please contact us
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A catchy Web text should be easy to read away for your target audience. You can use very long sentences to explain everything in detail, but again; less is more! Make visitors curious, provide just enough information to spark the interest to contact you. You don’t explain the workings of SEO in a nice article, for this you engage with the client to first find out objectives. Find out if your texts are easy to read for the target audience? Then immediately download the plugin from