Social selling on LinkedIn. How do I do that?

Cold calling to connect with new customers and prospects. I know sometimes I have to, but rightly hate it. Why? It takes a lot of time, it eats up energy and it yields very little. There must be another way to do that, right? This thought is from three years ago. I decided to immerse myself in social selling on LinkedIn. In the meantime, I have become wiser. I know what works and exactly what doesn’t. Do you want more sales? Then stop selling on LinkedIn! In this article I will give you some tips (based on my own experiences).

What is social selling anyway?

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about social selling on LinkedIn. Importantly, though, you must first know what social selling actually is. Ever heard of social selling and need no further explanation? Then read on after this paragraph. Wondering what social selling is and how to apply it on LinkedIn, for example? Then I would like to ask you to read the blog I wrote earlier what is social selling on the platform of

Show genuine interest

Social selling on LinkedIn starts with showing genuine interest. Delve into that one prospect’s profile. Press the button to link and don’t forget to write a personal message as to why you want it. Outline what you have to offer in terms of valuable information. For example, consider sharing informative blogs, a white paper or other specific information. But leave that sales pitch at this stage! Really set yourself apart from others and not afraid to pick up the phone? Then try to make contact by phone before pressing that button to link.

Social selling on LinkedIn, make sure to interact

First contact is often made quickly. But after that, it only begins. In social selling, it is important to stay in touch with your connection through LinkedIn. Provide responses to contributions from your connection. This can be done either through a personal message or in the comments. The advantage of responding in the comment? This can also put you on the radar of your connection’s network.

Timeline on LinkedIn

Written a new blog? Or other relevant information to share with your network? Of course you post that in a message on your timeline. Also consider the time of posting for maximum reach. That’s what most people do on LinkedIn. After this, one (often) mistakenly assumes that LinkedIn will show the message to his/her network. A missed opportunity, because LinkedIn’s algorithm ultimately determines who your post is shown to. So your message may well never reach your desired connection(s). With some items, you know who it might be of value to. Therefore, my advice is in addition to sharing content on your timeline, share it through a personal message.

The message of this article? Show genuine interest in your network and create as many personal contact moments as possible.