The best times to share content

After creating the content calendar, you have invested a lot of time in creating content. Of course, you are eager to put the created content online as soon as possible. You’re hoping for maximum reach, but what are the best times to share content? This is different for each company. It is still a matter of trial and error, but in this blog we would like to tell you about our experiences.


To figure out the best times to share content, it is important to know when your target audience is online. You can find out this information by analyzing the data from previous posts. Even after analyzing data, the outcome does not guarantee the future. What is the best time today may be different tomorrow.

Office hours

Don’t limit content sharing to office hours. With the advent of smartphones, we are increasingly active online, which is different for everyone. In my experience, interaction on LinkedIn occurs mostly in the evenings. Still want to share content during office hours? Then I advise you to do this especially during coffee and lunch breaks. After all, those are moments to take a moment to check your social media accounts. Even just after office hours-when everyone is heading home-is a good time to share content. For example, look around you on the train, almost everyone is busy using his/her smartphone.

Least convenient days

The least convenient days for sharing content are Mondays and weekends. Mondays are often full of internal meetings. During these meetings, of course, you have little time to check your social media channels. In addition, I experience that the weekend gives less results than the other days. On weekends, we are all busy playing sports, visiting family or going out with friends. Also not really a time to grab your smartphone and read that killer blog.


Curious about the best times to share content in general? Coosto took a close look at 10 million public Dutch-language posts and comments. They examined what times and days you should expect the most interaction by platform.

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