Website higher in Google? Stick to these 3 tips!

Almost every business has a website. Chances are you too have a website as an entrepreneur. But how do you get your website to rank higher in Google? Not too long ago (1.5 years), I also asked myself this question. I had no idea where to start. Until I decided to immerse myself in SEO. I found out that it was not that difficult to rank higher in Google. At my peak, over 50% of the blogs I wrote were in Google’s top 10. Also rank higher with your website in Google and curious about my secret? Then read on quickly!

What is SEO anyway?

There are two ways for your website to rank higher in Google. This can be done by placing online ads in Google(SEA). Or by optimizing your website for search engines(SEO). Is your website optimized for search engines? Then your website’s organic reach will definitely increase. Want to know what SEO is? For the answer to this question, I would ask you to read this article on SEO is. Personally, I always keep myself to the rules below and that has even earned me a number one position. My blog on social selling was at the top of Google within three months.

Website higher in Google? Check your website’s PageSpeed

Ever enthusiastically click on a link only to click away again to the competitor because of too long a load time? I am surprised that many companies do not pay attention to this. It is perhaps the most important requirement for your website to rank higher in Google. So my first tip is to look at your website’s PageSpeed. Is your website too slow? Then the article; a slow website costs customers can definitely help you to make the website faster. My beginner’s mistake? I thought I would save costs by choosing the standard hosting package.

Publish content

Why would a visitor return to your website if everything is still the same? Prevent your website from being nothing more than a digital business card. Give visitors a good reason to return to your website regularly. Do you want to generate more clicks to your website? Then, once in a while, update the texts on your website. Or publish an informative blog at least once a month and answer the information needs of the target audience. The benefit of blogging? You can incorporate new search terms to rank higher in Google with multiple pages of your website.


Make sure the texts on your website are easy to read. This is another important requirement for ranking higher in Google. More and more companies are investing in writing SEO texts (or having them written). Do you also want to have SEO texts? Then read the article; What are SEO texts and how do I write them? In this blog, I explain what a good SEO text should contain. Do you have an aptitude for writing in general? Then with these tips, you will definitely succeed in writing good SEO texts.

Need help getting your website to rank higher in Google?

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