What are SEO texts? And how do I write them?

Despite a sleek website, you have few visitors. As a result, your website has become nothing more than a digital business card. For some business owners no problem, others desire a higher ranking in search engines such as Google. But how do you make sure Google prioritizes your company’s website in search results? My answer to this question invariably is; start writing SEO texts (or having them written). But then what are SEO texts and how do I write them? After reading this blog, I am sure you too can write good SEO texts!

What are SEO texts?

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization. When writing SEO texts, the visitor always comes first. Is your text relevant, valuable and interesting enough for the visitor? Only then can correct keywords help you rank higher in Google. About this, by the way, Google is quite clear in its guidelines, stating:
“Create a website primarily for your users, not for search engines.”
. Also, the bullet underneath is pretty clear:
“Don’t mislead your users.”
. Of course, as a content specialist and copywriter, I always adhere to these guidelines.

I am writing this article for you!

Previously, it was a matter of finding out the right keywords and then reflecting them as much as possible in your website texts. Nowadays, it makes no sense whatsoever to stuff your texts with the right keywords. Search engines like Google and Bing are smarter than that! So how often should the right keywords recur in your text? In this blog (over 500 words), I had the search term recur 3 times. What search term I used? Take a look at the first four words in the title of this blog, another tip!

Always write your texts for the visitor, as if you were sitting at the table with him or her. When I sit at the table with you and repeatedly mention that I am an all-around content specialist and copywriter, I have probably reached your irritation threshold within 5 minutes. Wondering how to write good SEO text? Then I’m sure the blog: SEO; Speak to your target audience, not Google! are definitely going to help you with that.

Don’t expect miracles in the short term

What are SEO texts? Now that you have answered this question you are naturally eager to optimize the texts on your website. Aptitude for writing in general? Then you will surely succeed in writing good SEO texts. Just don’t expect miracles in the short term. Investing in SEO takes time. So give yourself that time when, after two months, your website is still not on the first page of Google.

Do you understand what this blog says? But are you just not a writing prodigy to conjure good SEO texts from your digital pen? Then use this blog to review your copywriter’s writing for quality. Don’t have a good copywriter (yet) or aren’t satisfied with the current one? If so, please contact us using the contact form.