What is a blog and what opportunities does it offer?

When visiting a website, I always check to see if they also maintain a blog. I notice that many companies do not have a blog or are not very active with it. Aren’t you regularly posting a blog on the website as well? Then my advice is to do this. After all, a blog offers an awful lot of opportunities for your business. A tip of the hat is that it is a way to increase your website’s online findability in Google. Want to learn more about blogging, what to look out for and what opportunities it can offer your business? You can read about that and more in this article.

What is a blog anyway?

Chances are you’ve read a blog before, too. Maybe you return to a website regularly to see if a new blog has been posted. A blog , according to Wikipedia, is a website where a blogger regularly posts new messages. The content of a blog is also called content. And a post is also called a blog post. Do you still get it? My definition of a blog is that it is a post to share knowledge with the target audience. I blog regularly to stay in touch with clients. Also, I do it to get on the radar prospects to show that I am an expert I my field. Now that you know what a blog is I will start to tell you what opportunities it can bring to your business.

Opportunities of blogging for business

From my own experience, I can say that writing a blog is very instructive. When I don’t know the answer to a client’s question, I go to investigate. By researching, I try to answer a client’s question. In doing so, I increase my own knowledge and can answer questions from the target audience. And by also sharing this information internally, I help my colleagues as well.

Another reason for blogging is that it is a way to set myself apart from others. As a sales professional, I notice that my competitors generally just want to get something from the target audience. For example, that one assignment. By sharing knowledge, my experience is that clients contact me of their own accord. And that makes you more likely to win a job than if you just come and get something from the customer.

Also, blogging can cause your business to be shown higher in Google’s organic (SEO) search results. Then, of course, the written blog must be SEO proof. In this article, I like to explain to you how to write an SEO proof blog yourself. Make use of the right search terms and you will find that your website attracts more visitors. In doing so, don’t expect short-term miracles. Being busy with SEO texts is a long-term thing. In my experience, the first results become visible after a period of 6-12 months. When you get started remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day either!

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