What is content marketing anyway?

It’s been over three years since I decided to immerse myself in content marketing. Why? I was looking for a fun way to stay in touch with customers. In addition, I also wanted to get on the radar of prospects in a fun way. Like many sales professionals, I invest a lot of time each week in creating content. But what exactly is content marketing? And how does it actually benefit my business? In addition to answering these questions, I will, of course, provide another set of tips for getting started yourself. Got curious? Then spare five minutes of your time and read on quickly.

What is content marketing?

Answer the information needs of customers and prospects in a relevant and attractive way. What’s important here is that you don’t immediately focus on touting your service or product. That is the essence and meaning of content marketing. What can you think about then? For example, consider sharing a white paper containing industry information. Or valuable information that allows customers to get more out of your product. Personally, I focus myself on sharing informative blogs. I also like to occasionally pick up on current events through an original post. Other forms of content marketing include sharing videos, fun images, e-books or the aforementioned white paper.

The goal

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to turn that one prospect into a customer and the customer into an ambassador. Many companies focus on sharing content with prospects. Getting results as quickly as possible to grow as a business. When considering starting content marketing, my advice is to first focus on creating (good) content for clients. Why? After all, existing customers already have a relationship with your company and are more willing to spread good content further. In this way, you will naturally get on the radar of prospects and there is a good chance that they will approach you of their own accord. Tell me; that’s better than cold calling and sending introductory messages to prospects you don’t know, right?

Of course, I understand better than anyone that bringing in new customers is also important. A sales professional has targets imposed from the company that must be met. For this reason, I create content that is often suitable for both existing customers and prospects. Through social selling, I then share the created content with prospects. Social wattuh? If you want to know more about social selling I would like to ask you to read my guest blog; What is social selling? on the platform of Onlinemarketing.co.uk. Since then, this blog has topped Google and many sales professionals have used it to (successfully) generate new business.

What does it actually provide?

The next question that probably comes to mind is that you’re curious about what content marketing actually delivers. First and foremost, it is good to realize that it is impossible to monetize what it brings. In addition, it is not something to achieve success in the short term. When you make the decision to start sharing content with customers and prospects, it is important to do so consistently and consistently. In the long run, you will see that customer relationships improve, your brand awareness increases, and therefore you are top of mind with prospects when the time comes to do business. Also, content marketing is the way to show that you are an authority in your field. Protecting knowledge no longer makes sense. If it doesn’t share, the competitor will do it for you.

Finally, sharing content regularly has the benefit of making search engines like Google value your website more highly. Competitors who hardly share any content receive lower search engine rankings than companies who do. A higher ranking in Google means more website visitors resulting in a greater chance of business.

Off to a good start with content marketing?

After reading, did you get excited about content marketing? And would you love to get started on this? Then it’s good to know that I wrote a blog about it earlier. In the blog: Getting off to a good start with content marketing in 8 steps, I explain how you can work on a winning content strategy. Need help? Or just sparring? Then you are always welcome to contact me without obligation via the contact form or send me a DM via LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

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