Why content marketing drives more sales

More and more companies are investing in content marketing. Even in sales, people are now convinced that it is necessary. In fact, sharing content is a great way to stay in touch with prospects and customers. Are you curious about what content marketing is and why it produces more sales in the long run? You can read about that and more in this article!

What is content marketing?

Communicating all information towards customers and prospects about your business. Without focusing on your service or product. That’s essentially what content marketing is. This actually includes all the work involved in creating, publishing and further distributing content. Every day we all get to see different forms of content. Examples of content include social posts, blogs, e-books, videos, etc. The goal from sales? Staying top of mind until the time comes to do business!

Organic reach (SEO)

Create content first and foremost for your prospects and customers. Answer questions from the target audience so that they come to see you as an authority. Is your content unique, relevant and interesting enough for the target audience? Then Google will reward your website for this with a higher ranking in Google’s organic search results. The consequence of that? More visitors to your website and therefore more leads.

So why content marketing delivers more sales

Sharing content will increase your company’s brand awareness. Greater brand awareness ensures that you are top of mind with your target audience when the time comes to do business. More brand awareness, in almost all cases, means more visitors to your website and thus more chances for leads and conversion. The result? More sales!

Why content marketing drives customer loyalty

In addition to generating new leads, content marketing can also help build customer relationships. Staying in touch with customers after the purchase increases the likelihood of a new or repeat purchase.

Herewith a personal example. A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a BIG Green Egg BBQ. In the shop, the seller regularly shares recipes of dishes to prepare on the BBQ. When making a pizza, I think the pizza scoop is also very handy. After reading the recipe, I immediately bought it from the webshop. And that even without looking further to see if it is available cheaper elsewhere. Also good to know, there was no question of active promotion.

Need help?

Also getting started with content marketing to stay in touch with prospects and customers? If so, please contact us to see what we can do for your business. Tell us your story! Then we’ll make sure your story gets read!