Content marketing agency needed?

Almost every business operates online. More and more companies are also engaging in online content sharing. It is the way for many companies to stay in touch with (new) customers. It is also a good way to increase the company’s online findability. Good online findability generally leads to more customers from the Internet. Don’t have time to share content and looking for a content marketing agency for that reason? Then read on and learn more about the benefits for your business.

What is content marketing anyway?

Before we talk about the benefits, of course you want to know what content marketing is. As a content marketing agency, we help our clients answer their customers’ questions in unique, relevant and interesting ways. The important thing here is not to focus directly on the service or product. There are different forms of content. Consider sharing a white paper, blog posts, a post on social media, webinars and an online newsletter. The newsletter is a great way to distribute your content to (new) customers. Learn more about writing the perfect newsletter in this article. Of course, as a content marketing agency, we can also help you create an online newsletter.

What are the benefits to the company?

Almost every business has a goal of getting more customers from the Internet. For this reason, they often choose to use paid advertising (SEA) on the Internet. That’s one way to get directly on the radar of customers. But when you stop an ad, the company’s online visibility also immediately disappears. Our advice is to start sharing optimized (SEO) content before starting SEA. After sharing good content, you can use SEA to give the SEO content an extra push.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Sustainable way to increase organic traffic (SEO) to your website;
  • Increase your company’s (online) brand awareness;
  • Getting more customers from the Internet;
  • Increased customer loyalty.

Content marketing agency needed?

Sharing content does not directly lead to the above benefits. To be successful, you will need to share content regularly. Try to provide relevant content that remains attractive for the customer to read. For that reason, we try to share content about online marketing twice a month. With this, we want to help our clients increase the online findability of the company. Don’t have time for content creation? But do you want to get started on this? That’s when hiring a content marketing agency can help.

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