Generate more leads on LinkedIn

You’ve been writing good content and sharing it on LinkedIn for some time. But after posting, you will receive responses mainly from family, friends and colleagues. No response or request to connect with new customers is forthcoming. Following the roadmap of a self-proclaimed sales coach doesn’t work either. For that reason, in recent times, you have been posting less and less on LinkedIn. Do you want to generate more leads on LinkedIn? In this article, some tips on how to do reach your dream customer.

Generating more leads starts with making relevant connections

Before you start sharing content, it is advisable to take a critical look at your own network on LinkedIn. Chances are that the number of connections consists largely of family, friends and (former) colleagues. Is that the case? Then it is not very strange that only they respond to your messages and a response from new customers is not forthcoming. Try to expand your network with people who belong to the target audience who can use your service or product. Think about your dream customer and identify the potential decision maker(s).

Do you have this in view? Then it’s time to purposefully expand your network on LinkedIn. You can do that by clicking directly on the button to make a connection. My advice is to first respond substantively to a post from your dream customer. That dreamed connection then often comes from your dream client himself is my experience. After this, it is easier to start a conversation than if you approach someone cold. You will see that after following these actions, you will generate more leads than before.

Consistent content sharing on LinkedIn?

When you’ve built a relevant network on LinkedIn, it’s time to make yourself heard. This actually works the same way as in the offline world. If you show nothing of yourself, people will not connect with you either. With regularity, therefore, I post content on LinkedIn. Sometimes a plain text with an image, a relevant article or I post a message to gauge what people in my network are polling. Interacting with your network is important to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Generate more leads? Engage in interaction!

To interact, I like to use the poll on LinkedIn. With a modest network of 1,700 connections, I often achieve 70 votes and over 3,000 views. I usually post a proposition for people to vote on with the answers correct and incorrect. When someone votes, I send them a message thanking them for their vote and then immediately send along a document containing additional details on the statement and the correct answer.

Here is a possible example statement from an online marketing agency.

Buying backlinks is the best way for my website to rank higher in Google’s organic (SEO) search results.

  • Right
  • Incorrect

Do you want to know the answer to this statement? Please click on
this link
for more explanation of backlinks.

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