Have SEO text written or do it yourself?

We want our company to be more visible online. More and more entrepreneurs are doing this. To make that happen, it is important to optimize website texts for search engines such as Google and Bing. Then comes the question, am I going to do it myself? Or is it better to have an SEO text written? That’s entirely up to you! In this article, at least some tips to get you started.

What are SEO texts?

First, it is important to know what SEO texts are. Only then can you decide whether to get started yourself. Or that it might be better to have an SEO text written by us. No idea what SEO texts are? For the answer, just click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph. Why this blog can help you further? This blog ranked number one in Google after only 3 months and we are proud of that!

Getting started yourself

By now you know what SEO texts are. Then now is the time to get started yourself. Do you have a WordPress website? Then install the SEO Yoast plug-in before you get started. Why? This tool reviews all texts you write for readability and other SEO factors.

SEO texts (to be) written, don’t forget to perform keyword analysis!

Will you succeed in writing your own SEO text? Then, of course, you want your text to be found by the target audience. To be found, it is important to find out what the target audience is searching for. The search term obsolete? Then try to subtly incorporate them into your SEO text. To figure out a search term, I use the Google Ads keyword planner or the free tool Ubersuggest.

Sharing with many!

You have written an SEO text or had it done. A common mistake is that many business owners publish the SEO text on the website and start waiting for visitors. The SEO text is shared once on Facebook and LinkedIn, but then it stops. Our advice is to share a message as much as possible. Not just through Social Media or a newsletter. Also, send the link via email or the chat function on Social Media. Of course, you also don’t forget to mention why you had to think of him or her when sending the link.

Getting SEO text written by Nerox

Not a writing prodigy? Or just no time to write SEO copy yourself? Then you can outsource this to us! Building online success stories together is what we love most about working with our clients. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.