Have website designed or do it yourself?

Creating your own website does not have to be difficult and expensive. Several tools can be found online to get started yourself. It is generally cheaper than having a website created by an agency. It often only takes time, which you often have when starting a business. And so this is often a reason for a start-up to start working on their own. Or one enlists the help of someone handy with computers here. But over time, people often choose to have an agency design a new website. Why? We’re going to tell you that and more in this blog.

Why have a website designed?

Often it works very well to create a website on your own. As the business grows, there is less time to maintain the website. Also, over time, the purpose of the website becomes different. For example, the company wants to reach a different target audience with a different design. Or one’s goal is to increase the company’s online findability to get customers from the Internet. But also linking a newsletter and securing the website against spam. These are some reasons for a company to have a website designed by an agency.

Online knowledge

Building a website is often not difficult. Making a website findable online requires specific knowledge. And that knowledge is often in-house at an online marketing agency. When building a website, it is important to think about the structure. At each step, an agency thinks about how they can make a website rank as high as possible in Google. This is called ment search engine optimization.

Consider, for example, site structure, fast loading time and proper mobile website display. Did you know that nearly half of visitors to your website come via a phone or tablet? Therefore, it’s important that your website is easy to read on any device. In addition, optimizing texts on your website is also important to rank higher in Google than the competition.

Getting started yourself?

After reading this article, do you want to get started creating a website yourself? So then think carefully about the purpose of the website. In addition, you can use our knowledge base to learn more about online marketing in general. Our golden tip when creating a website? Make sure the images on your website are not too large. This makes for a long loading time and, as a result, visitors are likely to drop out before seeing the website. In addition, being shown high in Google’s search results won’t help either.

Need website design from Nerox?

After reading this article, would you like to have a website designed? Then contact us and tell our more about your requirements and the purpose of the website. In recent years, we have delivered hundreds of websites -findable in Google- to clients. Why Nerox? We create findable websites for businesses within (almost) any budget!