Popping SEO texts and corks in 2020

A nice inhaler from TUI, 2020 can boom! As a content specialist, I can really laugh at this. As sad as this year is for some companies. Can very well imagine some people wanting to put this year behind them. 2020 is also a special year for me. Negative? No, definitely not! For me, it’s the year of popping SEO texts and corks! Why? I’m going to tell you about that in this last blog of 2020.

Popping SEO texts

My goal for this year? Pop in the top of Google with at least one blog written by me. Then, of course, now comes the question of whether it succeeded. To this I can say that I have achieved this goal. Not with one blog, but even with multiple blogs. The Nerox website featured the article What are SEO texts within three months in the number one position in Google. To be perfectly honest, this is also due to Hans’ work. Pretty soon the article was in Google’s top four. Not good enough for Hans and so he decided to get started with rich snippets. I hear you thinking, what are rich snippets? We’re going to explain that to you in a future blog, this one scheduled for the coming year.

Social Selling

This year, many of us were required to work from home. To be perfectly honest, I found that very difficult at first. As a sales manager, I am regularly on-site at customer sites. But suddenly everything was different. At that point, I took a different approach. Through social selling, I stayed in touch with customers. This also worked very well to connect with new customers. Wondering what social selling is? Then I would like to refer you to my blog on social selling on the platform of onlinemarketing.co.uk. In this article you will read what it is, why it works so well and what it can do for your business. Why you want to read this article. This article also now ranks at the top of Google.

Popping corks

As a human being, I think you should celebrate life every day. Of course, it can’t always be celebration. But try to get something positive out of each day. Are you feeling down today? Then tomorrow can only get better! For me personally, 2020 was a great year both privately and professionally. With a large number of articles at the top of Google, a successful renovation at home and another fine collaboration with Hans from Nerox. I am also very happy that my loved ones have all remained healthy. All these positive things have caused me to pop a cork regularly to celebrate life.

Here’s to a beautiful and (visible) 2021!

It was a special year for all of us, I think. Did it all slow down for you this year? Then I sincerely hope that next year will be better for you. Performed above expectations this year? Then, of course, I wish you an even better 2021. Also in the new year, I will continue to share blogs -related to content marketing- with you on this website. My goal? Helping companies with their online visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Hereby I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance. Stay healthy all and let’s build online success stories together again next year.