Rich snippets as a stepping stone to the top in Google

Your website contains a lot of uniquely relevant content for the target audience. And domain authority (link building) is also in order. But it fails to get to the top of Google. With SEO, people often think only of sharing unique content and link building. The technology of the website? People tend to forget that. An important technique for rising in Google is adding rich snippets. It’s a way to get extra noticed in Google’s organic search results. Want to know more about this technique? Then read on quickly!

What are rich snippets

After reading the introduction, of course you first want to know what rich snippets are. In Google’s search results, you increasingly see highlighted sections about a particular page. So those are rich snippets. You can generate them by using structured data. This way, you make it clear to Google what the content on your website is about. Why does Google place so much value on this? Because this way they can quickly provide Google users with the information they want.

Different types

Rich snippets come in different types. You can use them to highlight reviews to work on the company’s online image in this way. You can also add them to products to provide customers with product information in Google. You can also use them to answer a frequently asked question and in the meantime spread the word about your service. We do this with several companies and in many cases the result is that they are visible in the first position in Google. As shown in the image below.

What are the benefits of rich snippets?

Almost every business today is concerned with online findability. This can be done by optimizing the texts on the website, obtaining backlinks and regularly sharing interesting content. But few companies deal with website technology. And that is precisely where a lot of gains can be made to rise faster in Google. By adding rich snippets, you can increase the number of clicks from organic traffic from Google.

Own experience

Of course, we at Nerox have also tested the effect of rich snippets ourselves. We find that it really helps to be shown higher in Google’s search results. Last year we wrote a blog about what SEO texts are. Initially, this article did not want to rank in Google. After adding rich snippets, the article appeared at the top of Google within a month. Meanwhile, the article ranked second in Google’s search results on the popular search term ´What are SEO texts´.

Learn more

The conclusion you may have already drawn yourself is that you can use rich snippets to differentiate yourself from competitors. Getting started yourself? Then this information can certainly start to help you with that. Can’t figure it out yourself? Or would you like to learn more about rich snippets and the possibilities? If so, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thanks again for reading and hope to see you next time!