SEA marketing for beginners

In the wonderful world of online marketing, people use abbreviations. Possibly you don’t really have a thought about this either. And for that reason, I like to explain the acronym SEA to you. The abbreviation SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. In short, it comes down to paying for visitors to your website by placing paid advertisements on the Internet. Chances are you, too, have clicked on a paid ad in Google at one time or another. In addition to Google, these ads are also encountered in other search engines such as Bing. These ads often appear at the top of search results and can be identified by the green label; ad. Also about to start placing online ads in search engines for the first time? Then this article SEA marketing for beginners is definitely going to help you!

Employing SEA marketing

Now that you know what SEA marketing is, of course you want to know why many companies invest in it. It is an effective way to rank high in search engines quickly. If you are going to invest in SEA marketing, we recommend using the search engine Google for this purpose. The reason for this is that over 90% of searches in the Netherlands are done through Google.

With the placement of online ads, companies and their products or services are directly visible to the target audience. Sometimes there is just no time to wait to get results through SEO marketing. During the flu season in the winter months, you don’t want to be visible with a particular type of nasal spray until ze summer. And when selling sunscreen, you don’t want to be visible only in the winter months. Then you want to be visible the moment there is a need for your product.

How does it work?

As with SEO, finding out the right search term is very important in SEA marketing. In doing so, don’t just look at the search term with the highest volume. Why not? Because there is often a lot of competition on these, making it harder to rank high in Google. Therefore, it is often better to choose a search term with a lesser degree of competition. The big advantage of this is that it makes it easier to rank higher in Google. Also, the cost per click for these search terms is often more advantageous. Then determine the maximum amount you want to spend and put the relevant online ad live.

Need help?

In the text above, it seems very easy to get started with SEA marketing. But often after a brief explanation, we find that our clients still need additional support. Do you have any questions after reading this article? Or looking for help getting the most out of SEA marketing in Google with your product or service? Then feel free to contact us for more information the possibilities and a customized advice. Continue to grow together online? In any case, we are fully prepared to help you with our years of experience.