What are long-tail keywords anyway?

Getting more customers from the Internet. This is what many companies are currently concerned with. Logical too since we are increasingly active online to do business. But how do I realize that? It is a question one often does not have an immediate answer to. And when people think they know, they often make the mistake of incorporating keywords with such high search volume into the website texts. These are called short tail keywords. Do you want to end up on the first page of Google with the company’s website? Then make use of long-tail keywords in the texts on your website. Want to know why and what the benefits are? Then read on quickly!

What are short- and long-tail keywords?

When writing SEO texts, you can choose to incorporate short- and long-tail keywords to become visible online. Shorttail keywords consist of one or two words. In general, search volume on these keywords tends to be very high. The downside is that many competitors also use these keywords. As a result, it is very difficult to land on the first page of Google with your website. Longtail keywords often consist of more than 3 words. These keywords generally have a lower search volume but because the competition on them is not as high, you can more easily end up on the first page in Google. Using Ubersuggest, you can easily find out the search volume and competition of search terms.

High in Google

To get customers from the Internet, it is important to get your website on the first page of Google. Why? An old colleague once said to me; you can hide the biggest secrets on the third page of Google. Hardly anyone ever looks there anyway. Of all visitors, 88% do not look beyond the first page and 10% do not look beyond the second page and beyond. To get on that first and second page of Google, it is advisable to choose long-tail keywords at the beginning.

On long-tail keywords, you have less competition than if you use short-tail keywords. Therefore, this makes it easy for a text to land on the first page of Google. When more and more visitors bother to read your texts, you slowly build authority with your website. As a result, this also makes it possible to rank in Google with short-tail keywords. Are you increasingly managing to rank high in Google on long-tail keywords? Only then can you slowly think about using short-tail keywords.

Need help?

Need help writing copy that incorporates the right long-tail keywords? Then contact us so we can help you get more customers from the Internet with your website. Finally, we offer one last tip. Don’t expect miracles in the short term. Ranking in Google takes time. The advantage is that once you achieve results they are permanent for a longer period of time.

Thanks again for reading and good luck with your writing!