Higher in Google with your website? This is how you do it!

Almost every business deals with online marketing. Every business owner knows that it is important to (continue to) work on online visibility. Only then is it possible to get and stay on the radar of customers. There are several ways to become visible online. One way to become visible is to bet on placing paid advertising (SEA) in Google. By focusing on this, it is possible to become quickly findable online. But when you stop doing this, your online visibility also immediately disappears. Therefore, it is important that you also continue to invest in improving online findability in Google’s organic search results (SEO). Want to know what you can do to get higher in Google with your website? In this article, I explain to you what you can do yourself to make that happen.

Higher in Google

More and more companies are turning to SEO to get their website higher in Google. To make that happen, it is important that you keep adding new relevant information for the target audience to your website. You can compare this to selling clothes in a clothing store. Is the assortment always the same? Then, over time, the number of customers will begin to decline more and more. It is therefore important to keep working to ensure a steady flow of visitors to your website. Practical examples to attract people to your website include writing SEO text and providing a free giveaway on your website. If you keep doing this constantly, over time your website will rank higher and higher in Google’s organic search results.

Maximum range

Writing SEO text and providing a free giveaway is not enough. You will also need to bring this information to the attention of target audience. You can do this by posting about it on social media. Don’t have many followers on social media yet? Then placing online ads can help you to quickly have a large reach of people. When doing so, do consider the most appropriate platform to reach your target audience. For example, an entrepreneur is more likely to reach you on LinkedIn and less likely to reach you on Facebook. Furthermore, it is important to post from a personal account as much as possible. After all, people do business with people and not with a company. Therefore, this often results in a greater reach of people than if you only post through a business page on social media.

Additional tips for increased reach

A key pillar in SEO is having backlinks. In a previously written article you can read what backlinks are and how to get them. To get backlinks, I also regularly write articles on other people’s websites. In addition to getting backlinks, it provides me with new website visitors and followers on social media by default. It is advisable, however, to write articles only on platforms with a large reach of people. These websites often have a high degree of authority in Google. When this website links to you, Google will also value your website better and see it as trustworthy. The result is a higher ranking in Google’s organic search results.

Need help getting higher in Google?

From our own experience, we can say that the above tips are going to help you become more findable online. All of our clients see a significant increase in monthly website visitors over time. After reading this article, do you have a question or need help? Then contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Thanks for reading and hope to see you next time!